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CIP Program

What is the Citizenship by Investment Program?

Antigua and Barbuda has, in October 2013, introduced a Citizenship by Investment Program, with the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) being the government authorized body responsible for the administration and processing of all applications. The CIU conducts due diligence on all applicants and reserves the right to request the applicant(s) attend an interview.

Antigua and Barbuda Citizen by Investment Programme is considered “top tier of Citizenship-by-Investment programs,” according to Henley & Partners.

The Citizenship by Investment Program allows persons over 18 years of age and their dependents who qualify to obtain Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by making an investment in the country. Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment may be obtained through either of the following three investment options under the program.

(a) Investment in the National Development Fund
(b) Investment in Real Estate
(c) Investment in a Business

(a) Investment in the National Development Fund

This investment option requires the main applicant (only) to pay US$200,000.00 into a National Development Fund (NDF), which is a special fund established for the purpose of funding government-sponsored projects and includes public-private partnerships and approved charitable investments. Charitable investments will come from the NDF and these will be granted to approved, non-profit organisations that deliver services in health care, education, environmental management, youth development or the promotion of sport or culture in Antigua and Barbuda.


Limited Time Offer

Currently there is a LTO of a discounted rate USD$100,000.00 for a family up to four (4) members or a USD$125,000.00 for a family up to five (5) members or more.  Offer ends October 31st  2019.

(b) Real Estate Investment

There are various approved development areas and projects in Antigua and Barbuda within which the main applicant for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship may invest. Through this option, the main applicant may invest in the purchase of real estate valued at no less than US$400,000.00, and must hold the investment for a minimum of 5 years.


Limited Time Offer

Two main applications can now be included in the purchase of a real estate property, in other words two business partners, brothers, sisters or parties known to each other can apply for citizenship by investing USD$200,000 each the total minimum property investment still being USD$400,000. Offer ends October 31st 2019.

Approved Development Areas:


  • Fort James to Blue Waters
  • Pillar Rock to Five Islands
  • Pearns Point to Johnson’s Point
  • Falmouth Harbour to Galleon Bay
  • Willoughby Bay to Half Moon Bay
  • Nonsuch bay area
  • Guiana Island and its environs to Crabbs Peninsula to Indian Point
  • Blackman’s Estate (Blackman’s Point)


  • Low Bay to Palmetto Point and Coco Point
  • Coco Point